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Let the music stream from Adino Bluetooth Earphone to your ears without any cumbersome cords. With Bluetooth technology, Adino Bluetooth Earphone gives you a convenient way to enjoy the stereo music from your Bluetooth-enabled audio device. Adino also can be used as a wireless headset with your Bluetooth mobile phone. You can answer or make calls while you are listening to music without having to remove your earphone. Adino lets you listen to music without sacrificing any sound quality.

The bluetooth headset in manufacture had to learn new techniques to design bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset manufacturer new headsets are generally much improved. A bluetooth headset can never be as small or light as small wired headsets, because it needs to include a battery and extra electronics. This extra size and weight impacts on how the headset can be mounted on/around your ear and in place by being physically jammed into your ear. These are generally less comfortable but may sometimes be more secure.

Bluetooth Headset
Features of Blue Tooth Headset :
1. In-ear noise reduction headphone with compact control bar. Perfect with portable music players.
2. Stream high quality stereo music from user' s Bluetooth enabled devices.
3. Remote control the Bluetooth-enabled device. Allow users to play, pause, change tracks and control volume levels.
One touch button convenience to answer/end phone calls.
4. Hands-free, wire-free connection up to 10 meters (30ft.) from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Keep users away from electromagnetic waves caused by mobile phones.
5. Listen to music and never miss a call. Music pauses/stops automatically when a call comes in. User can also choose to answer or reject the call. When the call ends, the music will resume automatically.
6. Imbedded microphone (inside control bar). Allow for hands free communication with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone.
7. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for up to 6 hours of audio playback. Mini-USB Cable acts as battery charger.

Specifications of Bluetooth Headset :
1. Bluetooth v2.0, Class II, Sample rate up to 44.1KHz most
2. Supported Profile: Headset, Handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP
3. Talk Time: 6 hrs
4. Music Playback Time: 6 hrs
5. Standby time: 200 hours
6. Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer Battery
7. Charging Time: 3 hrs
8. Weight :18 g (control bar)
9. Dimension: (Control bar) W=25.4 mm H=59 mm D=11 mm
10. Color Availability: Black/Silver